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Classic/Hybrid/Volume styles available for booking w/ Junior stylist through the "Book Online" button.

Full sets starting at $119+. Touch-ups starting at $71+

Classic Lashes, Envy Esthetics, King of Prussia PA


This lash style is a Classic Set, it is a 1:1 ratio of lashes applied, and will simply elongate and thicken the appearance of your current lashes. They look as if you're wearing 1 coat of mascara and offer a very natural everyday appearance.

This is a great starting point if you have never had eyelash extensions before. 

If you have a sparse lash line, consider adding a lash serum to your routine and/or opting for an Enhanced or Captivating lash style for a fuller look. 

*This option is not recommended for those with sparse or very fine lashes as we can only enhance what you have naturally. Fullness is dependent on the amount of natural lashes you have.

Full Set | $225


With a blended mix of fullness and added length, our Enhanced (hybrid) Set delivers a beautiful and uniquely textured look!

This style is a mix of Natural & Captivating lashes.

This style offers a medium amount of fullness while still being able to maintain a natural appearance.


This is a great option if you want something that’s a little fuller than our Natural style, but are unsure if a Captivating (volume) look is right for you.

Our Enhanced style is also very customizable; choose from a soft & natural look or opt to add a fullness upgrade for a darker and fuller look.

Hybrid Lashes, Envy Esthetics, King of Prussia PA

Full Set | $250

Captivating Lash Extensions.jpg


This style is a Volume Set and offers the most amount of fullness while still maintaining a natural look. 

Customized to your natural lashes’ health, each individual eyelash is enhanced by elongating and increasing the amount of lashes.


The amount of lashes applied is between 3-8 false lashes per 1 natural lash. Although that may sound very full, the lashes used are very fine and are catered to your desired outcome.

Similar to our Enhanced style, you can choose from a soft & natural look or add on a fullness upgrade for dark & bold look.


Full Set | $275


As the name suggests, Wispy Lashes are all about creating a light and feathery appearance.


This technique creates a look like no other, and is perfect for those who prefer fullness and dimension!

Things to note:

•  Wispy lashes tend to be on the longer side for extensions and are not recommended if you wear glasses.

•  This style cannot be applied to sparse or thin lashes.

• Although they look natural, they may appear dramatic for a 1st time lash wearer.


•  Due to the unique application method, we do not accept Transfer Clients for this lash style.


Full Set | $254

Other Services


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Other Services

*Click on each service to learn more



What is a fullness Upgrade?

A fullness upgrade helps to deliver the most possible fullness that is always customized to your desired look!

By utilizing the most light weight lashes, you will receive double, if not triple the amount of fullness that a standard set can offer.

This upgrade is only available to Enhanced & Captivating lashes. 

This add-on is highly recommended for those with sparse lashes as it aims to create fullness without causing any lash damage.

*Please note that thin, damaged lashes are not always able to maintain their fullness. Adding an eyelash growth serum can help strengthen damaged lashes.

What is A transfer Client?

A transfer client is someone who has existing lash extensions from another salon and does not need a full set.  A transfer appointment allots extra time and allows us to fully inspect your existing lashes to make sure they are properly & safely applied. The extra time also allows us to make sure we can blend and match the new and existing lashes.

Transfer clients must have at least 20%-30% of lashes remaining in order to be considered a touch-up. Anything less will be charged as a full set.  If existing work meets quality standards, then you will be charged as a normal touch-up appointment.

We do not accept clients from other salons unless it is scheduled as a Transfer Touch-Up

Pre & Post Care

Before Your Appointment

In order to have the best results for your Lash Extensions, please make sure do to the following before your appointment: 

• Do not wear mascara for 24hrs before your appointment. Oil-based mascara can be difficult  to fully cleanse off the day of your appointment and can reduce the longevity of your lash extensions. This also applies to eyeliner, eyeshadow, and strip lashes.

• Shower and wash your hair (if needed) before your appointment as you will be unable to do so for 24hrs after your appointment. 

• Avoid drinking coffee at least 6hrs beforehand. Caffeine can make it difficult to relax and can lead to fluttery eyes. 

• Please arrive with clean skin, with little or no moisturizer around your eye area.

*If you have recently have gotten filler or Botox around your brows and forehead area, you must wait 7 days before being serviced.

**For permanent makeup surrounding the eye area, you must wait 14 days before being serviced.

After your appointment

Although very convenient, and seemingly low-maintenance, Lash Extensions do require at home care:

• For the first 24 hours after each appointment, avoid getting your lashes wet. This ensures that the bonding agent fully cures so that you don't experience excessive fall-out.

• Lashes should be cleansed at least 1x everyday with a lash foaming cleanser. Lashes should be cleansed again after any exercise.

 Clean lashes are happy lashes and last the longest as there is no oil or sweat build-up resting on your lash line.

• Avoid excessive heat or steam around your lashes. This includes steamy-hot showers, saunas, hot yoga, etc. While cooking, baking, or using hot hair tools, make sure you are not getting too close to the heat source.

• Avoid oil-based products around your eye area as oil can break down the bonding agent a lot faster than expected. This applies to face cleansers, face creams, eye creams, etc.

*We offer a 3 day guarantee. If you experience excessive fall-out, please contact us within 3 days of your visit to address any issues/concerns.

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