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Eyebrow Threading

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is a method of hair removal that originated in India and Central Asia.

Similar to waxing, threading removes the hair from the root.

The sensation of threading feels very similar to tweezing.


Threading is a great alterative to waxing if your have sensitivities to heat or have had allergic reactions to waxing. 


Threading is also the recommended option if you're on any acne medications like Accutane and Renova, or other strong exfoliants such as Retinols, Retin-A, or Tretinoin, as waxing can cause skin lifting while using those products.

Brow Threading | $30   •   In-between the Brows | $12

Standalone Upper Lip or Chin | $10


Lip or Chin as an add-on to Brows | $5  

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